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The purpose of the Family Participation Program is to engage families as partners in the educational process. Research shows that parent involvement in children’s learning positively impacts student achievement levels. We believe that parental participation will make a difference and positively impact the student’s academic progress.

Parents provide valuable service to our school. Through the Parent Volunteer Program, parents have the opportunity to meet each other and build community. Additionally, our school gains access to talents and abilities that we would otherwise have to fund.

Every parent will be charged an annual fee of $200 as part of the Family Participation Program, payable by September 30th. Parents are required to complete 20 volunteer hours. Upon completion of the hours the $200 may be refunded to the parent, applied to the account or carried over to the next school year. Hours will be logged in the school office on the Parent Participation Program Tracking Form.

The activities that qualify for this program include, but are not limited to:

Active Service: services provided in person that benefit the school, its students (for school-related activities), or are in support of an activity or event sponsored by one of the school auxiliary groups (Parent Support Group and Booster Club). Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent, such as set up, clean up, service. Hours will be decided prior to service completion.

Supplies: providing supplies that benefit school events (bottled waters, cookies, desserts, snack foods, etc.) when they are specifically requested by the school. Number of hours for each donated item, will be clearly outlined prior to any donation requests.

Attendance at School Fundraisers, Events, and Workshops: prior to events, notices will be emailed outlining the number of hours that will be designated for attendance at each event. Some examples of events, may include, but are not limited to: Annual Dinner Dance, Christmas Boutique, College Workshops, Parent Education Nights, Parent Mixers, etc.

Monthly volunteer opportunities will be emailed home and parents will be directed to use SignUpGenius.com. Please be advised that opportunities requesting a small number of volunteers fill quickly. All Family Participation Program volunteer hours must be completed two weeks before the last day of school.

Calculating Hours: One hour of participating time will equal one (1) credit.

Every $10 donation made will give you a one (1) hour credit. For example, if you purchase napkins and you spent $10 please make sure you have a receipt so that you may receive credit. Families must complete all 20 hours in order to receive a return of the $200 FPP deposit.