A.G.B.U. Vatche & Tamar Manoukian High School

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Student Council 2016-2017

President: John Tabakian
Vice President: Ari Ekmekjian
Secretary: Tania Baghdassarian
Treasurer: Alex Demirdjian
Historian/Photo: Brianna Momjian & Alique Tokatlian
Historian/Video: Lindsey Arabian
Public Relations: Tamar Donoyan
iEntertain: Lara Horhor
Class Representatives:
12th Grade:
Aghik Aghkyan
Tamar Akhian
11th Grade:
Parik Benlian
David Keshishian

10th Grade:
Galin Aghkyan
Natalie Boghossian
9th Grade:
Melkon Momjian
Sabrina Pelenghian
12th Grade:
Melanie Alcala
Melinda Alcala
Sahag Bilamjian
Ani Boyadjian
Sosse Krikorian
Alissa Kurdoghlian
Seant Minassian
Sarine Pampalian
Serena Pelenghian
Sophia Sakayan
11th Grade:
Peter Deirbadrossian
Talia Kazandjian
Naira Margarian

10th Grade:
Katia Khanlian 

Advisor: Mr. Chuck Watterson

Our Goal
The goal of a student government (ASB) member is to be a responsible representative of the student body. The ASB assumes much of the responsibility of organizing school activities, functions, and fundraisers and helps create a positive and productive high school environment. Members of ASB are representatives of the school and are viewed as leaders by the teachers, administrators and other students. Therefore, it is expected that ASB members remain respectful to teachers and others in authority, kind and courteous to schoolmates, and maintain exemplary grades and citizenship. Students are also expected to exercise good judgment and self-discipline at all times. Some adjectives that describe an ASB student include: loyal, self-starter, dedicated, selfless, kind, and hard working, social, people person, well rounded, exemplary, outgoing, committed, creative, expressive and understanding.
Our Vision
The student council is laying the foundation for future students to build the pride and prestige of the student body.
Our Mission
The mission of our A.S.B is to create a positive environment in which all students can learn while having fun! To encourage students to have school spirit and participate in school events. To create Spartan pride!