A.G.B.U. Vatche & Tamar Manoukian High School

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Armenian Independence Day - No School, Friday, September 22

Clubs & Activities

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Animation Club
Magazine Club
National Honor Society
Ping Pong Club
Service Club
301 A.D. Club
Cancer Awareness Club
Digital Photography
Drama Club
Science Club
Ping Pong Club
Student Council
Camellia Sinensis Tea Club
LA Discovery
After School
Animal Anatomy
AP Bio
AP English Literature
AP US History
Chess Club
Cisco Academy
AP Language Lab
Green Team
Model UN
SAT Math Club
Cisco Academy
8-bit Club
Cooking Club

List of Clubs and Activities

301 A.D. Club 1 Staff
8-bit Club 1 Staff
Animal Anatomy 1 Staff
Animation Club 1 Staff
AP Biology 0 Staff
AP Language Lab 1 Staff
Athletics Clubs 1 Staff
Band 1 Staff
Chess Club 1 Staff
Cisco Academy 1 Staff
Cooking Club 1 Staff
Drama Club 1 Staff
Improv 1 Staff
LA Discovery 1 Staff
Magazine Club 1 Staff
Model UN 2 Staff
Ping Pong Club 1 Staff
SAT Math Club 1 Staff
Science Club 0 Staff
Service Club 1 Staff
Student Council 1 Staff