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Senior Night, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 PM

English Drama Presents Arsenic & Old Lace

Highlights of the show included the dramatic entrance of Alex Deravedissian's Frankenstein-esque Jonathan Brewster (a plastic surgery-altered murderer on the run with his plastic surgeon accomplice, Dr. Hermann Einstein, played by Alek Kenderian) and the discovery by theatre critic Mortimer Brewster (Narek Daduryan) of a dead body in the window seat. Additional memorable moments involved witty banter between the soon-to-be-married Mortimer and minister's daughter Elaine Harper (Athena Baghdassarian) and bugle-blasting entrances by a pith-helmet-wearing Hovig Manoyan as the hilariously off-his-rocker Teddy Brewster (who firmly believes he is Teddy Roosevelt). And who can forget the humorous misunderstandings among inept police officers Brophy (Vana Yepremian), Klein (Vicky Sahagian), Rooney (Melana Gendal), and O'Hara (Aren Aroyan) and the conversations over tea with Dr. Harper (Arthur Keshishyan). Finally, of course, there were the hilariously disturbing murder and attempted murder scenes involving elderberry wine and sweet old ladies/cold-blooded killers Abby and Martha Brewster (Nanor Deirbadrossian and Lucine Gezalian). The Brewster sisters' "merciful" mischief had Mr. Gibbs (Vahe Zobian) dashing for the door and almost forgetting his hat. Lonely insane asylum directors The Witherspoons (Shant Terzian and Sevana Baghdoyan) later succumbed to the little old ladies' delicious, arsenic-laden concoction. 


Needless to say, the performance was quite a wild ride and a fun evening for actors and audience members alike!