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Grades 9-11 Drive Thru, Friday, June 5

Freshman Focus - Class of 2023

During the presentation, students learned about the role of the school counselor, importance of attendance and completing homework as well as tips for academic success. Students were also educated about high school graduation requirements and university entrance requirements.

Students were asked to reflect on how the decisions they make every day influence how the end of the year will present itself. Three areas of key decisions they are making right now, as they start the year, revolve around time, friends and resources. Students were encouraged to be intentional in thinking through the decisions they face each day to answer the question – will this take me closer to my goal or lead me further away from it?

Students are encouraged to involve themselves within the various different clubs and activities on campus, as well as engage in the sports programs that we offer. At AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School, there is an enrichment activity for all interested students. Students were also given a follow up activity called “Freshman Focus” which highlights some of their current interests, and gears their thinking toward university requirements. This was a very informative presentation and Mr. Marmor is looking forward to learning more about our new students throughout the years.