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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Seniors at Midnight Mission

Students appreciated the generosity of our hosts, the kindness of the clients and the positive atmosphere. Namely students were pleased to see that all of the volunteers, clients and employees at The Mission were diligent in their work and trying to improve the well-being of themselves and those that they encounter.
The Senior class as a whole donated about 300 pairs of new men’s socks to distribute to the homeless community. Once we arrived at Midnight Mission, students were divided into two group, one group to assist in the kitchen and distribute the meals, and the second group to conduct the sock giveaway. The homeless population was very appreciative of the items, as winter is shortly approaching.
The seniors at AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School enjoyed helping and look forward to serving again in the future.
Student Reflections:
On Wednesday November 16th, my senior class volunteered at the Midnight Mission in Downtown, LA. Going into this event, I did not realize what an eye opening experience it could be. Before helping the homeless, our tour guide presented us with his amazing story on his addiction to alcohol, meth, and cocaine. This made me realize that not only the homeless people, but also the volunteers at this program struggled with their life. I also realized that money, ego, and social status does not matter to anybody at the Midnight Mission, but everyone has the same goal of bettering themselves as an individual. -Nicholas Vartanian
Going to the Midnight Mission was an eye-opening experience. I had done volunteering before but had never witnessed people sleeping outside and lining up to try to get a place to stay. It was a good feeling to know I had an impact on their day. - Nayiri Hamparian
It was a truly humbling experience being able to prepare food and cook for the homeless people of skid row. Midnight Mission provide the best recovery paths for those that are struggling, and is one of the best organizations I've ever had the privilege of volunteering for. - Aren Aghamanoukian
Our field trip to the Midnight Mission was quite the memorable experience. Being my first time visiting the facility, I soon learned all about the services it had to offer. Learning how our own tour guides benefited from the twelve step program there, it was evident to see what a pillar the Midnight Mission was within the community. It offered endless opportunities towards recovery, betterment, progression, and advancement. Moreover, it offered people a sense of home; a place they could find a sense of safety and comfort in, even if that meant for a night or two. It offered hope: with services ranging from their open door medical help to a classroom learning experience, the Midnight Mission truly embodied what selfless giving is all about. Being a part of that was one of the greatest experiences of my life- having the opportunity to simply hand individuals their meals and wish them a lovely day only worked to show what one small deed could add up to. Moreover, seeing the warmth these people had was unbelievable. It only went to show that people don't necessarily have to have financial backing to be rich, but rather a heart of gold. I'd redo this trip a hundred times if I could and highly recommend all those who can, to take the time and give back by taking part in such a grand, selfless facility. - Melanie Alcala
This experience was very eye opening and life changing. It helped me realize how privileged I am and encouraged me to continue to give back to those who are not as privileged as me. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to visit the midnight mission and I plan on going back in the near future.  - Arlene Yeghiayan
My experience at Midnight Mission was an eye-opening one that I will never forget. It left me realizing that this is a very serious issue in our community that needs a lot of attention. When I got home, I was so thankful to have a place to live, a family that loves me, and a strong faith. I pray that others will have these blessings too. -Serena Pelenghian
Visiting the Midnight Mission was a phenomenal experience. It was great being able to go out into the LA Community and give back to the less fortunate. -Natalie Majarian