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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Teni Panosian at AGBU MHS

Ms. Panosian, a USC graduate in the field of Communications Management (MA), conducted both a school-wide assembly and a workshop where she shared her trials and tribulations. She encouraged students to be ambitious and purse their degrees without ever doubting the magic they hold within them. She urged students to dream big, take leaps, and "believe in their own greatness".

"The latest beauty vlogger whose makeup skills have vaulted her into our spotlight is Teni Panosian. Panosian, who was raised in Los Angeles, runs a blog called Miss Maven alongside her YouTube channel, and her viewers trust her for her expertise and her confident tone... leading to her one million YouTube subscribers," positis Sam Gutelle.

Before and after the assembly she took the time to meet and greet every fan and offer her words of wisdom to our aspiring students. Students were impressed with her character, authenticity and intellect. Students exclaimed that she was an "inspiration"!

WE Love You Teni!