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Senior Night, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 PM

LA Discovery Club Makes a Broad Discovery

On Thursday, February 2, nine of us went to the Metro Gold line station on Allen St., purchased tap cards, and boarded the Gold Line. This was a scenic ride. After a small snack break at Union Station, we boarded the Red Line until the vibrant and energetic Pershing Square. We walked up a couple of blocks, admiring the nightlife and skyscrapers of downtown LA. A quick walk led us to our final destination, the Broad Museum on Grand Ave.

At the Broad, we saw many interesting exhibits including the iconic light room and a large dining table. After an hour of exploring, we found a small lounge area just outside the Broad where we drank tea and held fascinating conversations. After about an hour, we walked back to the metro and returned home.

LA Discovery club organizes monthly trips to Los Angeles area museums, historical landmarks, and even hiking on local trails. Our next trip is to Getty Villa in Malibu.

Shoghik Gasparyan, Class of 2020

Below are some of the impressions by the students:

“I was excited that I got the opportunity to go to the Broad museum. It had amazing and beautiful art displayed in each room. Each room showed its uniqueness as I was walking by. My favorite exhibit was the “Infinity Mirrored” room. Beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling surrounded me. The water on the floor, and mirrors all around helped reflect all the lights, thus creating a magical scene. It took my breath away.”
Marilyn Bedoyan, Class of 2020
“The Broad museum has lots of amazing and very interesting art. I loved looking around and taking pictures next to sculptures and paintings. One of my favorites places was the “Infinity Mirror” room, where there were so many beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling and reflecting all the mirrors.”
Rachel Bedoyan, Class of 2020

What I liked about the Broad was that there was a tube elevator that took you to the main artworks of the museum. Also, the inifity lights were so beautiful and I wished that I could've had more time in there.
Nanor Deirbadrossian, Class of 2019

During our club trip to the Broad museum I was mesmerized by all of the amazing artwork I had seen, especially the room of infinite lights where it seemed as if you are in space.
Peter Deirbadrossian, Class of 2018

“I enjoyed going to The Broad and discovering a little more about LA. There were very interesting exhibits there I enjoyed the Light Room the most, although each art piece was better than the one before. I hope I can discover more about LA soon.”
Shoghik Gasparyan, Class of 2020

“The LA discovery club trip to the Broad was an interesting experience that I will never forget. The light room was very fascinating, and the exhibits were very symbolic. I would love to visit there again sometime soon.”
Marianne Sahagian, Class of 2020