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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Senior Night

The consequent game pinned the girls’ varsity team against AGBU MDS. It was also an exciting game, since the players from both teams were highly skilled. Fortunately, the game ended with another victory for us.

Finally, the game of the day pitted the boys’ varsity team against AGBU MDS. Everyone was invested in the game, and though we unfortunately did not earn the victory, it was memorable.

Senior Night began right after the games ended. It was a very emotional night filled with tears. The seniors bade farewell to the family they have been a part of for years. Tamar Donoyan, a junior varsity player, said, “It was very emotional to see all the seniors leave. I was very sad seeing all my senior friends leave.” The seniors were called up one by one and given a small ball, which was signed by their family and friends. The family members, along with the crowd, were very sympathetic. The team members were especially upset due to the fact that their teammates are no longer going to be there in the following years. They have become a family and it is very difficult seeing that they will no longer be with one another.

Overall, despite the sadness over the impending loss of our seniors, it was a joyous night for the AGBU MHS stakeholders as we envision a great future for them.
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