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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Career Fair

The Career Fair provides students with the unique opportunity to interact and engage in discussions with professionals. The dialogues between the students and our guests included such topics such as college choices, engagement in extracurricular activities, and the importance of choosing a career that you are passionate about. Some students also took the opportunity to ask about job shadowing and internship opportunities while in high school, during their time in college, as well as the importance of networking.

All of the professionals were excited to talk to high school students about planning for their future as the students showed genuine interested when they approached each booth. This year’s professionals had background and education ranging from the Cal State system, UC system, private schools.

We sincerely thank the presenters for exposing our students to the success they have garnered and sharing about their path to accomplishing their goals. What was most impressive was the energy each guest career speaker brought to the event, showing students how passionate people are about their work. Students also had opportunities for new internships and volunteer work with many of the professionals.

Community Service
1. Teresa Gonzalez – Pasadena Water & Power, Public Info Specialist
2. Suzanna Sargsyan – Director of Community Programs
3. Jose Tchopourian – AECOM: Transportation Planner
4. Pasadena Fire Department
5. Pasadena Police Department

1. Krikor Moloyan - Lawyer

1. Dr. Alice Abrahamian - Pediatrician
2. Dr. Anett Abrahamian Assilian – Clinical Psychologist
3. Rosine Der-Tavitian – Doctor in Nursing Practice
4. Gary Kevorkian – Orthodontist
5. Christine Kojayan – Pharmacist
6. Dr. Nishan Odabashian – Endodontist
7. Razmig Zovigian – Radiation Therapist

1. Garo Manjikian – Press Secretary

1. Kristen Izquierdo – Finance Director/CPA at Nestle
2. Roger Thomas – Banker

Arts and Entertainment
1. Dominique Aimee – Fashion Stylist and Pediatrician
2. Taleen Badawi – Interior Design Architect
3. Joe Russo – CEO and Executive Producer

Science and Technology
1. Harout Bederian – Construction Project Engineer
2. Narek Kazarian – Software Engineer
3. Arman Seuylemezian – JPL: Research Scientist

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