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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Camellia Sinensis: Tea Club Brewing Once Again

On September 1, 2017, Friday, during lunch break it was the same scent that attracted us to room #202 for the first gathering of our most aromatic club. We took our china (Mr. Daduryan does not let us use paper or plastic cups) from our tea cabinet. This most sacred cabinet is, most probably the best kept secret of our school. It contains a rich collection of international teas.
On that day, Mr. Daduryan brewed for us a medium body black tea, flavored with a hint of bergamot. In this blend, citrus origins of bergamot charm the malty notes of the black tea.
It was a great pleasure to see that, besides us, returning “senior” brewers, there were a significant number of “fresh” brewers- tea enthusiasts of mostly 9th graders.
Thanks to Camellia Sinensis, tea and room #202 are slowly becoming our best friends when we are preparing for fifth period or just having a relaxing conversation with friends to unwind.
Camellia Sinensis was founded in 2014 to allow students to enjoy tea culture and teas from across the world. The club also hosts various tea-related events.