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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Halloween at AGBU MHS

Student Council held the event at Boyadjian Hall and provided several booths for entertainment.  First, the students would purchase tickets from the ticket stand, then they were free to chose what they would like to participate in or acquire. The hot chocolate stand was most popular, keeping students warm on the chilly day. The henna booth was the main attraction, with students opting for creative, artsy designs on their hands or arms.  Spartans also had fun at the  candy booth and pumpkin carving.
The most fun of all, was the Pie Eating Contest, where one student from each grade participated and whoever finished the pie first would win a free lunch for the week. The winner of the contest was David Gezalyan, a senior.  He almost seemed ready to explode, and ran to the restroom as soon as it was all over.
The event was an overall success. To see what the students came up with for their costumes was entertaining, as well. AGBU MHS had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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