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Senior Night, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 PM

“The Song of Bread” - An Ode to Bread

On a cool Wednesday on December 13th, 2017, in our beloved “Bardez”, Mr. Norayr Daduryan and his 10-th grade Honors Armenian students enjoyed freshly baked bread from the school’s oven. In fact, they even had Mrs. Keshishian, Alexander Galstjan’s grandmother, volunteer to knead the bread, whilst students brought “ganachi” (mixture of wild greens) and cheese – a delicious pairing that effortlessly goes hand-in-hand!
Through this "bread" tradition, begins traditional eating ritual: it starts with the essential prayer, “Ճաշակեսցուք”, while sitting around the table together, all the while with students learning to truly appreciate bread and everything that is put into its construction, and its continued significance in sustaining the masses across time and place. The students truly captured the rustic essence of an authentic Armenian village life and by extension, an Armenian table. Thank you, Daniel Varoujan, for offering readers yet another slice of forgotten Armenian social life!