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Winter Formal, Friday, January 24, 7:00 PM

Guest Brewer Reveals Exotic Teas

The club was enriched with the teachings of guest speaker Miss. Rita Akhian (AGBU MHS alumna, Class of 2015) in Room 202, the home of Camellia Sinensis. There, she was greeted by a large group of enthusiastic students, who were excited to learn about and sample teas from across the world. AGBU’s future tea aficionados learned about the wondrous methods of brewing special tea leaves, infusion processes, the historical and legendary significance of specific leaves, and were then offered the opportunity to try some of the most exclusive teas originating predominantly from the Far East.

To enliven the discussion, Miss. Akhian walked everyone through a scented journey covering the historical and even cultural background of the featured teas. First, she talked about the herbal plant, its geography, as well as two royal Chinese legends about tea leaves. Then, our guest proceeded to reveal the rituals behind the preparation of tea and the brewing process of authentic tea leaves – some so rare, that they are currently on the “black market,” whilst some are worth $600 a pound. Miss. Akhian also introduced the different types of tea, such as black, green, white, yellow, rooibos, oolong, chai. The most delicious part of this ceremonial gathering was, of course, sampling those teas. We all had a portion, and enjoyed nature’s many sumptuous treasures.
About the guest: Since graduating from AGBU MHS, Rita Akhian has become a passionate tea expert, and has accumulated years of expertise in tea brewing and merchandising business in major establishments, such as Teavana. Camellia Sinensis was founded at AGBU in 2015 by Mr. Norayr Daduryan, and the "Founding Brewers" of the club have been Michael Parikian, Aleena Chapjian, and Patil Kaptanian (all from Class of 2016).
*Camellia Sinensis is the Latin, botanical reference meaning tea plants.