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Senior Night, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 PM

Parents, Students, Other Stakeholders Prepare for WASC Visit

The Western Association for Schools and Colleges (WASC) is responsible for helping schools assess and support student learning. The stakeholders’ task is to complete the school’s Self Study in time for the WASC visit.

At Boyadjian Hall, Head of School Michael Pratt welcomed stakeholders, followed by Board Member Dr. Sylvia Karayan who introduced AGBU’s multifaceted involvement in the Armenian diaspora; Director of Education Gohar Stambolyan then proceeded to describe the WASC accreditation process. The process is an opportunity for the school to reflect upon its own practices and to create an Action Plan for the future.
The WASC Self Study involves reflection and assessment of all aspects of the school, from resources and finances to curriculum and pedagogy. For that reason, the stakeholders separated into Focus Groups assigned to different aspects of the report.
Creating the Self Study is of utmost importance and we are proud to acknowledge the many stakeholders who will collaborate and dedicate many hours to accomplish the task. Arduous though it may be, constantly going through the WASC cycle ensures our school will frankly look in the mirror—will note where we are compared to where we were, and identify where we want to be.