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Athletics Tryouts, July 29 - August 15

Drug Awareness

As you are aware, vaping, drugs & prescription medication are a huge issue in today's society and one that schools nationwide are fighting to stay in front of. We here at AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School are no different and want to stand in the fight with you, as well. 

We had Scott Edmonds, from Interquest Detection Canines, come in and speak with the parents regarding this epidemic. 

Scott is a retired Police Sergeant, who spent the better part of his career focused on Street Level Narcotics Enforcement, including supervising an undercover "Buy Bust" program for 6 years. Scott is well versed in narcotics, paraphernalia, symptomology, packaging, slang or street terms and identifying these substances as well as people under the influence of them.  Scott is also a graduate of the LAPD/DOT Drug Recognition Expert Program and had more than 4000 drug and or alcohol related investigations during his career. 

Using his background, training and experience, Scott gives drug awareness lectures to parents, students, faculty and community groups. Scott utilizes a PowerPoint and other training materials to discuss and educate on many of the current trends and topics in school site contraband.   

It was an extremely informative presentation, and we are looking forward to having him come and present the same information to the students.