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Basketball Senior Night, Friday, January 18, 5:00 PM
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Chess Club

Chess Club


Adviser:  Zareh Davidian


Club Description: Welcome to the wonderful world of Chess. This club is designed to introduce the movements of each piece and rules of the game, exchange values of pieces and basic methods of gaining advantages, tactics and combinations, attack and defense, basic strategy and position play, endgames and openings.  The combination of rules in Chess makes it an amazing game that develops logical intelligence, mental discipline, strategic thinking and analytical skills.

Topics are: Introduction, How to Play Chess, Chess Notation, Symbols and Abbreviations, The Basic Mates, Delivering Mate, Tactics, Combinations, Endgames, Chess Openings, Open Games

Semi-Open Games, Queen’s Pawn Openings, Flank Openings and Miscellaneous Systems, Attack and Defense



Goals/Expected Results: Training players for real life and educating and sharpening their concentration are the other valuable benefits of this age-old game. To students, chess is a cool way to beat other students (or, better still, adults). Winning at chess is far more satisfying than winning in any more primitive type of battle. Parents of chess-playing students delight in the mental training the game provides. Students who excel over the chessboard have an uncanny ability to succeed in other fields too. These are mainly the external reasons for playing chess. What is it about the game itself that players like? Simply put, the game is beautiful. For all of the supposed complexity of chess, the geometry is simple and elegant. A well-played game has a certain logical crispness about it. Simply seeing a good move on a board can give chess-players pleasure. It is a glorious feeling to play a great game, flowing from start to finish.



  Time/Location of Meetings: Mondays, 3:15-4:00. Room 205.

 List of Members: All students and teachers are welcome!