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Innovative Scholar Program

The objective of the program is to peak interest in accomplished students who give profound importance to an area of study beyond the standard classroom experience. Students will be required to produce a written thesis detailing their experience and research on the topic or areas selected in conjunction with their faculty advisor.
Beginning the 2015-2016 school year, our students have had the opportunity to become distinguished scholars through the Innovative Scholar Program. This program was inspired by the Fulbright Scholar Program, with the purpose of promoting public service, research, and global awareness while allowing academically driven students to explore their field of interest to a intensive level as they prepare to choose their major and vocation. Graduating as an Innovative Scholar will differentiate students from other competitive candidates as they prepare to apply for University Admission. Upon graduation, students will receive an award of distinction once they have met the requirements for the program as outlined below. The successful completion of the following criteria will result in the student being given the esteemed title of an "Innovative Scholar":
  • Complete 4 Semesters of a class with a B+ or better in the cluster/major of their choice.
  • Complete 50 hours of internship or volunteer work in their cluster/major field. Hours must be completed by the end of 11th grade. No scholar may work on hours during 12th grade.
  • Complete a culminating project which will be similar to a miniature thesis. The project will be presented to a faculty panel reflecting on their field experience.
  • Students must submit an application at the end of 11th grade to apply to the Innovative Scholar program. Once students are accepted, they may present the award in their University Applications.
Innovative Scholar Alumni
  1. Vahe Yacoubian, 2016: Vitamin 1,25D's Role in VDRE Gene Expression
  2. Daniel Mouradian, 2017: The Development and Implementation of Earthquake Early Warning in California
  3. Serena Pelenghian, 2017: Innovation in Community
  4. Melanie Alcala, 2017: Speech Language Pathology and Its Future in the Hands of a Prospective Speech Language Pathologist