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Smart Tuition

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School will start using Smart Tuition as our tuition invoicing and payment service.  We will no longer be accepting tuition payments at the school. Smart Tuition will be the only means in which to pay your tuition payments. Our new partnership with Smart Tuition will allow us to offer many of the options to pay tuition and school fees. We will no longer be accepting cash payments. You may login to, school code 14147. There will be a one time annual fee of $50.00 per family account which will be added to the first month's tuition payment which is due August 1. For those who would like to pay in full there is a one time annual fee of $20.00 per family account also due with your payment on August 1.
We chose Smart Tuition for their features, options, and overall convenience for families. Their customer service team is accessible, efficient, and friendly.  Smart Tuition has been providing this service to schools and parents for over 25 years and they serve over 2,500 schools nationwide.
By shifting our tuition processing to Smart Tuition, here are some of the benefits for you:
  • New payment processing methods
    • You will be  able to pay by check, credit card or by debiting your checking or savings account.
    • You will be able to submit payment by mail, by phone or through a secure website or via mobile apps.
    • You will be able to set-up auto-bill options for checking/savings account payments, meaning you never have to worry about forgetting a bill.
  • Online account management
    • You will be able to edit your profile online, including payment options, etc.
    • You will be able to access and print monthly billing details and payment history.
    • You will be able to review your payment history, including when your last payment was received.
    • Families will be able to include all of their students on one account for easier management.
  • Flexible billing and reminder options
    • You will be able, with auto-bill, to choose to receive a reminder via email or text of your upcoming payment 10 days before your due date or
    • You will be able to choose to receive paper invoices 20 days in advance of the due date.
  • Customer service
    • You will have access to Smart Tuition customer service staff.  Through a toll-free number, can speak with a live agent or do live chat.