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Senior Night, Thursday, January 30, 6:30 PM
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College Preparatory Writing: Course Description
The College Preparatory Writing course is designed for students who are average and above average readers and who are willing to engage in a thorough, thoughtful, careful study of literature, vocabulary, grammar, oral expression, and composition. The college preparatory course demands extensive reading of all genres of literature, considerable writing of essays, various speaking exercises, a high degree of organization, and a commitment to diligently participate in class discussions and activities. Students read closely and examine author’s intent and style, theme, argument, and intended audience. Most of the writing takes place in the class. Students do however have some major assignments which are completed at home. Some days are spent reading and discussing, while other days serve as designated writing days. Some of the major objectives for this class are to prepare students for college level writing, to help them become comfortable with writing essays within timed sessions, and to help students express their analytical skills through writing.

The end of the semester compilation is written by the fifteen students of the College Preparatory Writing elective class (2009-2010 Semester I). The class is made up of students from grades 9th-12th. Throughout the semester the students have studied, read, and written compositions of several writing styles: first and third person narratives, compare/contrast, responses to pictures and films, descriptive, definition, persuasive, and formal essays. Near the end of the first semester, the students were asked to choose one work which they wanted to use for this compilation. There is one entry per student. As you read through the pages, you will notice how different and unique each student is in his/her personal writing style and topics.