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General Information

AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian High School offers a challenging and enriched academic program for students in grades 9-12. The curriculum fosters intellectual and personal growth through a rigorous academic program that includes Honors and Advanced Placement classes in all core subjects. Classroom teaching, homework, written and oral assignments, research papers, and projects aim to develop fundamental skills in all subject areas and prepare graduating high-school students for the challenges of higher education and lifelong careers. The school’s academic program requires the highest levels of student concentration, effort, and motivation, as well as, parental support.
The school’s college-preparatory program at all levels is based on the California State rigorous college-preparatory content standards and offers guidance and preparation for successful admission to the California State University system, University of California system, and other private universities and colleges. The college-preparatory curriculum consists of four years of English, History, Science, Mathematics, and Armenian Language. To meet the visual and performing arts (VPA) requirement, students are required to take one year of fine arts elective. Students are also offered a wide array of UC and CSU-approved college-preparatory electives. Classes are offered at three levels: College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement.
College-Preparatory classes cover the same rigorous content standards and use the same textbooks as that of the Honors program.
Honors courses are offered to students who demonstrate motivation, competence, a high level of academic achievement, and are willing to complete demanding and rigorous coursework. Generally, these courses cover the standards at a greater depth, with additional expectations of research, projects, and independent study.
Advanced Placement courses are offered to students who are motivated and prepared to study academic subjects at the level of rigor and depth equivalent to that of college. By enrolling in AP classes and passing the AP exams with a score of three or above on a scale of five, students can earn college credit at most colleges and universities. The objectives of Advanced Placement courses are: developing college study habits, enhancing intellectual inquiry and discovery, acquiring independent investigation skills, creating a stronger college admission record, earning college credit, and completing lower-division college requirements early.
Besides emphasizing academics, the school encourages student involvement in the arts, athletics, community service, and extra-curricular activities to refine their personal talents, cultivate new interests, and ultimately prepare them for the future as well-rounded and responsible individuals.